Create a Campaign

Use campaigns to create and save a new campaign in Engage.

Note: The campaign will not be published.


Endpoint and Methods
  • POST /_rest/v2/campaigns



Example Value



  "callerIdentification": "+14075175269",

  "campaignName": "Texas SMS Test",

  "flowTypeId": "5d24c0e64886e81bb4cbf069"


Response code 201 returns a campaign object when a campaign has successfully been created.


"campaignName": "Texas SMS Test",
"campaignId": "5c1097c6717a743602510c9c",
"campaignDescription": "This is a Texas SMS test",
"callerIdentification": "+13122735567",
"flowTypeId": "5d24c0e64886e81bb4cbf069",
"startDate": "2019-06-18",
"endDate": "2019-06-18",
"active": 1,
"numAttempts": "5",
"retryInterval": "10",
"appId": "",
"runNow": "true",
"scheduleId": "5f24c065jkl0p81bb4cbf069",
"modifiedDate": "2019-06-18T00:14:03Z",
"modifiedBy": "sspeirs",
"createdDate": "2019-06-18T00:14:03Z",
"createdBy": "sspeirs",
"deleteFlag": "false",
"customerId": 9999999,
"listRel": [
"utcName": "United States Minor Outlying Islands - Baker Island",
"utcOffset": "−12:00"

Response code 401 returns an error that the authorization token is invalid.


"message": "string",
"status": 401

Response code 422 returns a message that the campaignName parameter is required.


"message": "The 'campaignName' parameter is required",
"status": 422

Response code 500 returns an error during campaign creation.


"message": "Something went wrong during campaign creation",
"status": 500