Configuring Audio Settings

Multiple actions in SmartFlows allow you to play audio during a call. You’ll find the blue “Configure Audio” button in Menu Tree, Transfer, Play Audio, and more.



Once you click “Configure Audio”, you will see a pop-up menu called Audio Settings.



You have the option to configure two different types of audio. On the left-side of Audio Settings, you’ll find options for:


Whisper Audio: Audio that is only going to be played to the person that is getting the transfer (could be agent, receptionist…) 


Transfer Audio: Audio that is played to the person on the line before the transfer happens (“please hold while we transfer you to customer service..”)

Next, look to the right-side of the Audio Settings to create or select the audio you would like to play.


Audio (TTS) 

Select whether you would like to use TTS for the transfer audio, whisper audio, or both.



Then select your preferred vendor: IBM, Google, or AWS. The system default is IBM.


Multiple voice options are available for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, and Italian.


Finally, type the message you would like to be played into the text box and click the blue “+” sign to the right of the text box.



Your message will be added to the flow.



Audio Library

Drag and drop audio files from the library to the “Transfer” or “Whisper” drop sections to add them to your flow. 



Once you’ve added the audio you would like to play, you may exit Audio Settings and continue building your flow!