Atmosphere® SMS Update on Verizon 10DLC Change

Verizon Wireless recently announced the commercial availability of their 10 DLC (10-digit long code) messaging platform. 10 DLC platform is specifically designed to support A2P (Application to Person) SMS messaging traffic between enterprises and Verizon subscribers. We believe this will improve the deliverability, stability and overall usage experience when using Long Code traffic terminating to Verizon network. All SMS traffic terminating to Verizon will automatically be switched to this new platform. Along with this change, Verizon is implementing a surcharge of $0.0025 per mobile terminated SMS message. We will pass this fee to our customers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for “10-digit long code” (also known as “commercial long codes”). 10DLC is Verizon’s new messaging platform specifically designed to support A2P SMS services.


Do I have to use Verizon 10DLC?

Yes. All existing and new long code SMS messaging to Verizon is required to utilize this new service.


Who is affected by this change?

All messaging providers are impacted by this change and the added surcharge.


Is there carrier filtering?

The new Verizon 10DLC service does have filtering, but it is designed to target spam and abusive traffic and is not geared toward blocking all forms of A2P
messaging as is the case with the filters currently in place with many US and Canada mobile carriers.


What is the cost of this new service?

There will be no changes to your Long Code SMS rate with IntelePeer, but there will be an added $0.0025 per SMS surcharge fee for all SMS traffic terminating to Verizon. *Billing for the surcharge will commence August 1st, 2020*


Besides the surcharge, are there any other changes connected to Verizon 10DLC?

Yes, Verizon now provides messaging providers with a list of Subscribers who are no longer on Verizon’s network. Sending SMSs to those Subscribers is not allowed. IntelePeer will handle this requirement on behalf of our customers, so there are no required changes from the customer side.


Do I need to take any action?

No, IntelePeer will automatically switch the traffic to the 10DLC platform and you can continue using your existing Long Codes.


Are there any changes to Short Code or Toll-Free SMS traffic?

No, this change only affects Long Code SMS traffic terminating to Verizon.


What about other carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint…)?

AT&T is launching their 10DLC platform in February 2021 and more information can be found here. The other carriers are also working on their respective 10DLC platforms, but they have not commercially deployed them at this time. IntelePeer will notify the
customers when this changes.