Atmosphere® SMS Update on AT&T 10DLC Change

AT&T recently announced the commercial availability of their 10 DLC (10-digit long code) messaging platform. 10 DLC platform is specifically designed to support A2P (Application to Person) SMS messaging traffic between enterprises and AT&T subscribers. We believe this will improve the deliverability, stability and overall usage experience when using Long Code traffic terminating to AT&T network. All A2P SMS campaigns, and the brands running them, will have to be per-registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) provider. TCR will pre-approve the campaign and assign the Campaign Type. The throughput restrictions and per SMS surcharges will depend on the assigned Campaign Type. IntelePeer will work with our customers to register the brands and campaigns with TCR. Any fees associated with this new procedure will be passed to our customers with no additional mark-up.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for “10-digit long code” (also known as “commercial long codes”). 10DLC is AT&T’s new messaging platform specifically designed to support A2P SMS services.


When is AT&T launching their 10DLC platform?

AT&T announced the launch of their 10DLC platform for February 1st, 2021, but it is still unclear as to what will be the scope of the initial deployment. We will provide further updates as more information is available.


Do I have to use AT&T 10DLC?

Yes. All existing and new long code SMS messaging to AT&T is required to utilize this new service.


Who is affected by this change?

All messaging providers are impacted by this change and the added fees and surcharges.


What are the fees and surcharges connected with this new service?

There will be a per brand registration fee of $4 and a Campaign Fee of $10/month/campaign. There will also be a per SMS surcharge dependent on the assigned Campaign Type, but these surcharges have not been published by AT&T yet.


How can I register my brands and campaigns, and what information is required?

IntelePeer will work with our customers and register their brands and campaigns with TCR. We have to collect the brand name, use case, and a sample message.


Do I have to register a new campaign every time I have a new brand or a new campaign on my platform?

Yes, every new brand and new campaign must be registered to ensure the appropriate Campaign Type is assigned. AT&T plans to have lower surcharges and higher throughput for all properly registered campaigns.


Is there carrier filtering?

Yes, there will be carrier filtering in place, but with registered brands and campaigns it will be less strictly enforced.


Are there any changes to Short Code or Toll-Free SMS traffic?

No, this change only affects Long Code SMS traffic terminating to AT&T.


What about other carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint…)?

Verizon launched their 10DLC platform in February 2020 and more information can be found here. The other carriers are also working on their respective 10DLC platforms, but they have not commercially deployed them at this time. IntelePeer will notify our customers when this changes.