Atmosphere® SMS Messaging Short Codes Quick Start Guide


To improve customer engagement in today’s mobile world, you need to move beyond basic voice communications. With Atmosphere® Messaging, you can enable your business phone numbers to send and receive SMS, which is quickly becoming the preferred method of communications. SMS messages can be sent in a variety of ways throughout the world. In the US, IntelePeer supports sending via either a Dedicated Random or Dedicated Vanity Short Code, both of which are enabled for 2-way communications.


Outside the US, messaging options include dedicated 2-way short codes, 2-way long codes and 1-way messaging.

Getting Started

OK, I’ve ordered a short code, what comes next?


  1. After you’ve placed your order on  IntelePeer customer portal, it can take 6 – 14 weeks to get approval for your campaign.
  2. IntelePeer will build a SmartFlow to facilitate testing and approval of your campaign, based on the campaign form you submit. However, you should use this time to integrate to the IntelePeer API so that you may begin testing your code and using your campaign as soon as it’s approved.


Let’s Start Coding!


  1. First you need to get an Authorization token. This can be done through the API, however, you should note that tokens acquired via the API will expire every 24 hours, so new tokens will need to be obtained. Ok let’s get our token.

  • IntelePeer supports many of the popular coding languages, but if you’re new to APIs, you can use a program like Postman or cURL to submit your commands as well.
  • We are going to send a POST command to the IntelePeer SMS authorization endpoint:
  • Using cURL: the command looks like this:


curl -X POST 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{ 

  • USERNAME and PASSWORD should be replaced with your IntelePeer user name and password. You must use an Intelepeer user that has SMS access as defined in the IntelePeer Portal.
  • Once you’ve executed the above command you will get back a response like this:


"token": "xxxxxxxx",
"expires": "2019-03-08 03:30:34"

Where “xxxxxxx” is the token you can use to authenticate to access the API commands and send messages and where “expires” is the GMT time at which point the token will expire and no longer be functional.


3. Now to send a message! In the below replace TOKEN with the token you received from the authentication request:


curl -X POST
-H 'Authorization: TOKEN'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{

4. You should receive a response similar to this:


"state": "Queued",
"code": 202,
"numparts": 1

5. Your recipient should receive their message shortly! Congrats, you’ve just sent your first message using the IntelePeer platform!