Atmosphere® Engage Release Notes

November 7, 2019



  • We added a feature to update last execution date when a schedule is modified.
  • MongoDB in IBM EU requires an ssl connection. We updated Engage dialer to support SSL connection to MongoDB.
  • A user can now upload a list that may have some empty cells under some columns
  • When you’re creating a list in campaigns, it should automatically add it to that campaign rather than me having to go into the dropdown and select it.


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a UI issue where phone numbers in Engage lists were not fitting properly in columns.

August 16, 2019



  • Our new Engage API creates an Open API file that will allow customers to integrate directly with Engage via API. More detailed documentation to come. No customer impact.
  • Visual updates to have been made to Engage to match new IntelePeer branding.
  • New API documentation has been created for Engage APIs.

May 30, 2019



  • Previously, the file upload feature would not accept files containing commas; this functionality has been added.
  • Users can now set a time zone for a scheduled campaign.
  • Users can now search for a specific list rather than having to page through to browse for their list manually. Lists can be searched by list name and user name.
  • Users can now search for a specific campaign rather than having to page through to browse for their campaign manually. Campaigns can be searched by campaign name.
  • Added a “username” field to the Campaigns page and added functionality to include username in Campaign search.
  • Previously, campaigns were presented in order of the least to most recent, meaning the oldest campaigns appeared near the top. Now, campaigns are sorted by most to least recent.
  • We added a feature to show when a campaign was last executed on the Campaigns table.
  • There is a new validation that prevents a list from being uploaded without a field that can be used to send the communication (right now, phone is required).



  • We fixed an issue where multiple pages would appear in campaign and list tables despite having no content on them.
  • Now, the list page buttons will highlight the page that the user is on, rather than always highlighting page 1.
  • Previously, the uploader would skip the entire row of data if one field was empty. Now, the row will be uploaded with the data field left empty and the other data imported.

April 18, 2019



  • We added a number of tooltips to the Engage UI to guide the user in making configurations.
  • We fixed an issue where the campaign cannot be resent to the same list after it has been executed once. Note: the consequence of this fix is that there is no longer a mutual exclusion between scheduling and manual send. Any user will now be able to perform a manual run of the campaign at any time, even if it is already on a schedule. User should approach with caution and this will be reflected in documentation.


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where contacts were not being deleted from lists when the user clicked the ‘delete’ button.

March 14, 2019


Usability Improvements

  • Added pagination of tables to allow the user to navigate more easily through campaigns and lists when volume of content is too large.
  • Added functionality to automatically associate a list to a campaign after going through the ‘Upload List’ flow. 
  • Added functionality to allow the user to upload a list wherein some of the cells are empty. This removes some strictness from the process of uploading lists to the app, reducing friction. A phone number is required.


Bug Fixes

  • Ensured that the scheduler (currently set to a fixed Eastern time) sent campaigns at the appropriate time, which users had reported issues with
  • Contacts were not being deleted from lists after the delete button was clicked; this issue is fixed
  • Fixed a usability issue wherein lists were cut off by the bottom of the browser window
  • Fixed a usability issue where a user could not edit a campaign after it was saved without leaving the page and coming back

January 25, 2019


Dynamic Lists

  • When users upload a list, they will now be prompted to either use the first detected row of data as headers or to assign new headers to the dataset. This will make the upload process more tolerant of the various ways in which a user might choose to upload the list and thereby reduce friction in the experience


UI Improvements

  • A number of visual changes have been made to implement a more modern look and feel and stronger consistency with the IntelePeer brand.

December 5, 2018


Dynamic Lists

  • Users now have the ability to upload a list with a custom combination of columns; these can then be configured as inputs in a SmartFlow to create personalized voice and SMS messages
    • Note to support sales conversations: currently, SmartFlows & Engage are both required to support customized outbound messaging (e.g. sending each contact a message with their own account balance, appointment date, etc.); for customers needing to communicate broad messages to their audiences (i.e. company wide announcements), Engage can be used alone.

November 30, 2018



  • Campaigns can now be configured to run at a scheduled date and time; a user can choose between scheduling a campaign ahead of time or running it immediately


SmartFlows Templates

  • When configuring a campaign, a user can now choose from a few ‘Global SmartFlows’ – pre-configured templates for simple communications like outbound calls or SMS
  • Alternately, a user of both SmartFlows and Engage can create their own flow using the Inbound API action; it will then appear in the ‘Saved’ SmartFlows menu to use in a campaign