Atmosphere® CPaaS Trial Accounts

Curious about Atmosphere® CPaaS? Try it out with a Trial Account! 


Trials offer the chance to test out Atmosphere® features and make sure this is the right service for you – for free! 


Trial Components
  • Trials are 30 days in duration. You can see how much time is left on your trial in the top navigation bar of the Atmosphere® Portal
  • All trial accounts are granted $15 worth of Atmosphere® platform usage credit for voice minutes and SMS messages ($0.01 per minute/message). 
  • When you reach $15 in usage or the end of your trial period, your trial account will expire and be disabled. It can be re-enabled if you decide you want to move forward and any flows or campaigns you have created will still be there 
  • Trials are limited to 1-1 interactions between a randomly assigned IntelePeer phone number and one personal number that you authenticate and authorize for your trial (“Authorized Trial Number”). While you will just be testing it out internally, you’ll get to see the possibilities, such as:
    • Send out an SMS or voice campaign in Atmosphere® Engage: Easily set up outbound notifications such as a discount to your customers or internal message to employees. 
    • Build automated workflows in Atmosphere® SmartFlowsUse one of our pre-built Templates to set up automated self-service, communications routing, and more. Or, just drag-and-drop to DIY – it’s pretty fun! 
    • Check out your stats in Atmosphere® Insights: Once you get a campaign or flow up and running, you can see data on your customer interactions.
Atmosphere® Feature Access 

Trial users have access to the same set of features as our Starter customers:

  • Voice (.01 per minute against your $15 balance) 
  • SMS (.01 per message against your $15 balance) 
  • Application integrations (using API actions, such as External Webcall, in SmartFlows)
  • APIs
  • Insights Analytics
  • Engage Campaigns
Ready to Start Your Trial?
  1. Navigate to the Atmosphere® Portal. 
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page. 
  3. Fill in your credentialsverify your email address, and register your company.  
Set Up an Authorized Trial Number

During account set up, you will be prompted to enter an Authorized Trial Number. This is a personal number you can use to send test calls and messages from the platform. Your Authorized Trial Number must be a number that you own. You will be asked to validate that number with a token before you can use it to send any test calls or messages, and you will not be able to send any calls or messages to any other number during your trial period