Atmosphere® CPaaS Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

The Atmosphere® CPaaS Portal is home to phone number ordering
and management, account management and access to CPaaS applications.


Here’s an at-a-glance view:


Manage Resources

The top left icon  is the ‘Manage Resources’ page. This is where
you can browse and search for resources you have already ordered and see orders
in progress. The boxes at the top allow you to search your inventory for
specific resources. Resources include any item that might be used for a
communication flow; phone numbers, short codes, alphanumeric sender IDs for
one-way text messaging, and WhatsApp IDs are all examples of resources, but
only regular phone numbers are available to start.




First things first: Get a Number!

Before you can experience everything the Atmosphere CPaaS
platform has to offer, you’ll probably need a phone number. Numbers can be
assigned to flows to trigger automated processes when they are called or
texted; they can also be used to send voice or text campaigns to your
audiences. Here’s how you can get one for yourself:

The second-from-top icon on the left-side navigation  is the ‘Order New Resources’ page. Click that  page and follow these steps.


Note: All phone numbers come with a small monthly fee
(see pricing here). Only U.S.-based phone numbers are currently available.
Toll-free numbers, short codes, and other resource types are coming soon.


  1. Click ‘Phone Number & Toll Free’.
  2. Select a country.
  3. Configure any other filters you need. For search pattern filter, four digits are
    required. Tip: Can be used to search for a specific area code by prepending ‘1’ for the U.S. country code.
  4. Click Search to display numbers matching your
  5. Select one or more numbers.


6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add


7. You will see an ‘Order Placed’ confirmation that
looks like this:


8. Click the clipboard icon to go back to your Resource Management page, where you can view status of order on the ‘My Resources’ page in ‘Orders’ section and view the number when it’s ready:


Engage an audience with a campaign

Use your new number to start engaging customers with simple voice and SMS notifications in Atmosphere® Engage.


In the left-side navigation, look for the megaphone icon on the bottom to open Engage.


You will need a .csv file with your contacts, including at least one ‘Phone’ field. Once you’re ready, follow the instructions in the Atmosphere Engage Quick Start Guide.


When you create your campaign, enter the number you ordered
in the Atmosphere Portal as your caller ID number to use it in your


Integrate with the Atmosphere® SMS Messaging API

All of our plans come with full access to the SMS API. This is a great way for those with technical chops to quickly start coding solutions that integrate SMS communications into applications and workflows.


First, you will need to get an authentication token using
the Authentication API. You’ll need the username and password that you created
for the Atmosphere Portal.


Send a POST request containing your username and password to this URL:


Here’s an example request:

     "username": "sms_user",
     "password": "Password123", }


A successful response will contain your authentication token. Once you have that, you’re ready to build! These links will help you get started:


Basic API Conventions


Atmosphere SMS Messaging APIs

Build a SmartFlow

Open SmartFlows by clicking the flow icon in the left side navigation. The first page is a brand-new Flows library.


Click the blue plus sign ‘Add New’ button (near the search box on the top right)  to start building your first flow.


All users can create and save flows to explore what’s possible in Atmosphere SmartFlows. Professional and Enterprise users can deploy flows and assign them to a number to see them working live.


Check out the Atmosphere SmartFlows Quick Start Guide to get going!

To dive deeper into SmartFlows’ functionality, review more documentation

Professional and Enterprise Users: Assign a Flow to a Number

To assign a flow to a number, first find that number in the
‘My Resources’ page.


Click the ‘Manage’ gear icon to open the configuration window. If you have any flows deployed, they will appear in either the Inbound Voice or Inbound SMS section of this window and you can select one of them to assign it to a number.


Once it’s assigned, call or text to try it out!