Atmosphere® API: The Basics

Keep these basics in mind and you’ll be set up for success with the Atmosphere® API.


The Basics



All API calls require an authentication token. Learn more here: Atmosphere® API Authentication 


  • Content Type

All API POST requests require the content-type header set to application/json.


  • Protocol

All API requests must be made with HTTPS.


 The Formats


Long Code Format

  • Supply a long code (or telephone number) in E.164 format. 
  • In the URL, the “+” of the E.164 format should be url-encoded as “%2B”.


Short Code and Alphanumeric Sender ID Format and Examples

  • Supply a short code or alphanumeric sender ID  in the following format: {countrycode}-{code}


  1. countrycode is the country code from where the shortcode or alphanumeric sender ID resides
  2. code is the actual code
  3. A USA short code (88888) would be 1-88888
  4. A Colombia shortcode (12345) would be 57-12345
  5. A Spain Alphanumeric Sender ID (Hello8) would be 34-Hello8