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Staff Scientist, AI & NLP

Staff Scientist- Remote

IntelePeer delivers an omnichannel communication platform as a service (CPaaS) built for the enterprise. We believe that business communications are meant for more than just simple interactions – they should enable businesses to deliver truly delightful experiences. With our voice, messaging, ready-to-use applications, open APIs, and on-demand analytics, companies can build and integrate communications-enabled workflows to create world-class customer experiences and improve business processes through automation. Our full-stack solution is backed by a rock-solid network and a team of experts who provide nothing but award-winning customer service.


We are seeking an extremely talented individual to lead our efforts to bring AI services to our customers.  This individual will be responsible for defining our technology roadmap for AI and Natural Language Processing.  Near term, this individual will make vendor/technology recommendations to solve different kinds of NLP problems.  Also, this individual will define a strategy to develop/train/and catalog common NLP solutions that can be used by the business in customer engagements.  Longer term, this individual will define strategy in other AI related topics such as predictive analytics, AI driven automation, and custom solutions where AI can make a significant contribution.

Position Responsibilities

  • At least B.S. in computer science, but advanced degree is preferred.
  • Expert Level knowledge in common Cloud NLP Platforms (IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, Amazon Lex)
  • The ability to train custom NLP Models & Grammars to fit a specific use case
  • Practical knowledge of MRCP
  • Experience with Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Experience with other Machine Learning Platforms such as Tensor Flow
To apply please Email