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Enable your non-IP PBX for SIP

Realize the benefits of SIP while keeping your existing  non-IP on-premise equipment

Want to move away from expensive, inflexible PRIs for your phone system to SIP? We can help! Not ready to say goodbye to your legacy PBX in order to do so? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Enable your legacy equipment for our Atmosphere® SIP trunking and Voice Services with an easy-to-install on-premise TDM conversion device – no pricey upgrades or equipment retirement required. See immediate benefits such as 40% average telecom cost savings, scalability, and disaster recovery while taking the first step towards a future move to cloud communications.

Enjoy secure, reliable, flexible Voice Services

Atmosphere® Voice Services delivers global voice communications for your enterprise powered by a cloud-based network. With flexible pricing plans and connectivity options, you can deploy a solution that best fits your needs.


Simple installation. Instant results.

The process for enabling your non-IP PBX is simple. You’ll receive a device that supports single or dual PRI configuration and is pre-engineered to your equipment specifications. After an easy installation that consists of plugging in cables between the device and PBX, you’re ready to go! Our team of experts is available 24/7 to assist if needed.

Unlock advanced cloud-based functionality

Once you are connected to our Atmosphere® platform, it’s easy to add on advanced cloud-based capabilities you can’t get from premises equipment. Streamline inbound communications management and enhance customer experiences with other Atmosphere® functionality:

Intelligent Cloud Routing

Control inbound calls across locations and adjust routing patterns in real time to ensure your customers’ calls are answered.


Advanced IVR

Create automated call flows for customer self-service that are tailored to your business.


Ready to move beyond basic communications? 

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