Atmosphere® Fax

Cisco customers can easily replace old fax equipment with secure and reliable cloud-based faxing


Stop dealing with slow, clunky, unreliable fax machines and switch to Atmosphere® Fax for improved productivity and reduced costs. 

Faxing Anywhere

Send and receive faxes from any device that supports email: desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet

Cost Savings

Built-in savings over legacy fax systems with a predictable monthly spend and no equipment maintenance 

Maintain Compliance

Secure fax technology ensures compliance with PCI, HIPPA, and others

Easy Activation

We make it easy to move from your old system, transfer your existing fax numbers, or order new ones


High service availability ensures successful completion rates and eliminates capacity issues

Disaster Recovery

Our redundant network provides peace of mind in the event of an outage

Monthly pricing plans for enterprises

We have multiple options to fit your needs



per month

  • 5 users
  • 1 fax number
  • 50 inbound pages
  • 50 outbound pages
  • $0.10 per additional pages
  • $1.25 per additional user
  • $5.00 per additional number


per month

  • 20 users
  • 3 fax numbers
  • 1,000 shared inbound and outbound pages
  • $0.10 per additional page
  • $0.75 per additional user
  • $5.00 per additional number

Ready to move beyond basic communications?