Atmosphere® CPaaS Packages

Tackle digital transformation with Atmosphere® CPaaS

Whether you are just getting started on your CPaaS journey or want to jump right in, you’ll get all the benefits of Atmosphere® CPaaS with our Free Forever and Professional packages. Automate processes, enhance the customer experience, and unlock new communication channels with our ready-to-use and powerful applications. 

 Free Forever
Upgrade for $3,000/month
Atmosphere® EngageVoice & SMS CampaignsVoice & SMS Campaigns + Atmosphere® SmartFlows
Atmosphere® InsightsBasic DashboardsAdvanced Dashboards
Atmosphere® Programmable VoicePay Per UsePay Per Use
Atmosphere® SmartFlowsNot IncludedUnlimited Flows & Unlimited Users
Atmosphere® SmartFlows APINot IncludedIncluded
AI Plug-insNot IncludedAvailable

What’s Included: Atmosphere® Insights Basic vs. Advanced

  Basic Dashboards
Advanced Dashboards
Cross-filtering between widgetsIncludedIncluded
Download widget as image or .csv fileIncludedIncluded
Download dashboard as image or PDFIncludedIncluded
Create PDF of reportsIncludedIncluded
Access to Pulse AlertsIncludedIncluded
90 days of daily historical dataIncludedIncluded
Drill down into any and all of your dataNot IncludedIncluded
Pre-built dashboard filtersNot IncludedIncluded
90 days of daily historical dataNot IncludedIncluded
14 days of hourly historical dataNot IncludedIncluded
Real-time dataNot IncludedIncluded
New features and dashboards when availableNot IncludedIncluded
Basic insights into call and messaging dataIncludedIncluded
Detailed insights into call and messaging dataNot IncludedIncluded