CoreCloud™ For Voice Broadcasting

Voice_BroadcastingMany customers have calling patterns that include short duration or voice broadcast calls that are typically under one minute or have high arrival or high incompletion rates. Although these calls happen for a variety of reasons and are a part of normal calling patterns, they can cause network congestion and call blockage, making some carriers reluctant to take on customers who have high volume, voice broadcasting needs.

IntelePeer CoreCloud Voice Broadcasting service is specifically designed to handle very high call volumes at very low infrastructure costs, allowing customers with high volume calling—such as contact centers—to experience high-quality calls without surcharges or penalties. By working with you to define your average call hold time (ACHT), answer seizure ratio (ASR), and calls per second (CPS), IntelePeer determines how many ports are required and ensures traffic is distributed across our network, resulting in the highest possible call quality and completion rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for businesses conducting high volume short duration calls in outbound contact centers
  • Support for high calls per second (CPS) with no short duration surcharges
  • Cost effective rates
  • Verifiable quality measures
  • Scalable, “on-demand” services that grow with you and accommodate peak usage
  • Local number portability (LNP) dips
  • Aggressive LCR with jurisdiction and billing telephone number (BTN) capability
  • Available integrated toll free and international services
  • Dynamic call routing combined with mature processes for high call completion
  • Sophisticated peering network infrastructure
  • Experienced carrier management services
  • Fast and efficient quote to billing processes
  • Transformation options for moving from TDM to SIP
  • Flexible and experienced IntelePeer customer service

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