Flexible IP Toll Free Solutions

IP Toll Free services offer organizations the ability to provide an 800, 855, 866, 877, or 888 telephone numbers to their customers, partners and employees for daily tasks such as joining a conference bridge, listening to voice mails or calling a company’s sales or customer support organization at no charge to the calling party. VoIP and IP communications can deliver cost savings, increased productivity and enhanced customer loyalty. Critical to successful deployment of these VoIP and Toll Free IP communication services is having a SIP trunking provider with a strong track record of delivering quality service and support.

With IntelePeer’s IP Toll Free services, your customers can contact you at no cost. Our IP Toll Free services leverage our all-IP CoreCloud™ platform that employs intelligent routing to provide high quality, reliable and secure calls. Whether it’s for sales or support, your customers can now use a single toll free number within the U.S. to contact your business.

toll free


  • Wide availability of toll-free numbers including unique 1-8xx and vanity numbers
  • Easy-to-implement service with nation-wide coverage
  • High quality with dynamic fail-over, customized routing rules
  • Advanced call routing and handling features such as time of day, day of week, percent allocation and SIP call transfer
  • Web-based service management through our CloudCentral portal
  • Aggregation of multiple local access networks for better value, enhanced voice quality and improved reliability.

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