Guaranteed Up-Time

One of the advantages of SIP trunking vs. traditional PRI and circuit-based services is the flexibility of precise ordering to match expected demands. However, many customers miss out on some of the cost benefits by purchasing additional trunks as part of a network redundancy scheme or as a way to manage any unexpected demand spikes. For full network redundancy, that could end up doubling the cost of services.

IntelePeer offers a more cost-effective way for you to get the same level of preparedness that’s also easy to manage.


  • Provides route geo-diversity and backup/failover capabilities
  • Switched number options provide network-based call forwarding and increased service availability
  • Automatic routing to separate IntelePeer data centers
  • Allows for traffic overflow from the primary trunk
  • Most cost-effective way to have additional capacity available
  • Simple configuration using our web-based Voice Services Portal
  • Redundant trunk is an optional service that can be added
 to all UC bundles

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