SIP Trunking for Avaya Unified Communications

IntelePeer SIP for Avaya unified communications includes a set of full-featured cloud communications services delivered via IntelePeer’s all-IP network.  With IntelePeer’s international network of highly-reliable IP connections and advanced communications features, you have the cost-effective and qualified for Avaya SIP Trunking communications needed to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Avaya unified communications to increase your organization’s productivity.

And our SIP service combines the voice quality of high-definition (HD) audio with the protection of four kilobyte public key encryption, the strongest commercially available. This enhanced security eliminates the need to pay for a dedicated T1 data connection for your SIP Trunking connections, enabling you to securely route communications over your main corporate Internet and data connections.

IntelePeer is an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner and our Avaya SIP Trunking services have been qualified for Avaya Session Border Controller, Avaya Aura® Session Manager and Avaya IP Office through the “Avaya Compliance Tested” program in Avaya DevConnect.

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