Looking to do more with less, work smarter and support an increasingly mobile workforce? Does your business depend on communications and collaboration technologies to produce business results and enable employees to use the tools and communication capabilities, devices, and channels they want to use, when they want to use them? IntelePeer has solutions that you need today. Get on our cloud – the IntelePeer cloud! Our CoreCloud solutions, such as SIP Trunking and Direct Inward Dialing protect the investment in your legacy communications system, simplify your network and drive down costs with a reliable, high-quality, secure IP connection. IntelePeer’s Direct Inward Dialing (DID) offers the benefits of a universally recognized local phone number with the low-cost and flexibility of IP communications. Offering a Toll Free number is a conventional business solution, and it comes with its share of well-understood problems. IntelePeer has an IP Toll Free solution that offers all the convenience and benefits of easy access for your customers without the complexity and cost of traditional Toll-Free services.

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