IntelePeer Services

Whether you’re a service provider or a business enterprise, communications are your lifeblood. Now, you can easily and inexpensively enjoy the benefits of cloud communications with the integration of web capabilities with rich media communications and telephony, all delivered as an on-demand service. IntelePeer makes cloud communications a reality.

For Enterprises

Unified CommunicationsEnterprises can improve communications, collaborate more easily and even commercialize your interactions. With IntelePeer’s services, you can:

  • Bridge disparate networks and equipment, and achieve interoperability, flexibility, quality and reliability with IntelePeer SIP Trunking
  • Deploy communications services such as Toll Free calling, Direct-Inward Dialing, Emergency Services calling, and other advanced features on-the-fly as required
  • Enable advanced Unified Communications capabilities such as video telephony that extend beyond the enterprise to customers, suppliers and partners
  • Set up different payment options optimized for your business, including Usage-based billing or Fixed-rate bundle packages of phone numbers, services, and support

For Hosters

Application Hosters can focus on their core services offering. Unified Communications (UC) hosters can quickly ramp up business offerings without all the overhead and expense of putting together an entire infrastructure. IntelePeer’s Hoster Bundles provide:

  • Pre-packaged bundles of phone numbers, usage, services, and support for their end customers
  • Simplified ordering with low, fixed costs
  • Reduced complexity and ease of billing that lowers support costs while increasing your end customers’ satisfaction

IntelePeer’s secure and reliable all-IP platform makes it simple and cost-effective for service providers to connect their inbound and outbound voice traffic via IP.

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