Unleash the True Value of IP-based Communications with Hosted VoIP and Business VoIP

The widespread availability of broadband connectivity is transforming the communications industry. More and more businesses are turning to Business VoIP to leverage its rich multimodal communication capabilities and reduce the significant capital and operating costs of legacy telephony services. When those services are delivered via the cloud as Hosted VoIP those advantages can be further leveraged by eliminating the need to manage an support an on-premise PBX.

Hosted VoIPWith our all-IP platform, customers access their Hosted VoIP or Business VoIP solutions through our highly reliable network that not only reduces communications costs, but also preserves rich media capabilities (such as HD voice) end-to-end.

Join the growing number of enterprises, contact centers and hosters who rely on IntelePeer and its all-IP solution to provide superior media quality at the lowest possible overall cost.