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Time to Revisit Your Contact Center Decision

Replacing legacy equipment or moving to the cloud? These cloud-based options have so many improved features and value that canít be touched. Hear from industry experts on cloud-based solutions.

If you have a contact center, chances are high that over the past couple of years you have looked into replacing an aging, inflexible premises-based system with a cloud-based application. At the time, you may have decided that your contact center was too mission-critical to risk with a cloud deployment. Or the options available may not have offered you the price and feature options you needed. Or, you may have moved to a cloud contact center and while happy with that decision are ready to look at what else the market may have to offer. The beauty of cloud is the freedom to change.

Explore why the time to choose cloud contact center or re-evaluate your current solution is now!

Featuring Subject Matter Experts:

  • Industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith
  • IntelePeerís COO, Felipe Rodriguez
  • IntelePeer customer, CEO of Triton Technologies, Jay Nalli