Federation service bypasses PSTN to deliver HD quality to multiple locations

January 31, 2013 | By Fred Donovan


MIAMI– IntelePeer, BroadSoft and Taqua have teamed up to provide high-definition (HD) voice and video to BroadWorks VoIP customers.

IntelePeer will provide its Fluent federation-as-a-service (FaaS) as the IP backbone that connects BroadSoft VoIP service providers and enterprise customers without going through the PSTN, improving the HD voice and video quality at lower cost.

Accessed through standard SIP trunks, Fluent uses Intelepeer’s CloudWorx platform, which enables interconnectivity for HD voice and video between BroadWorks VoIP systems globally. BroadWorks integrates video, fax, voice and email communications services through IP PBX/Centrex, mobile PBX, business line and trunking products.

Taqua “provides the infrastructure to enable those HD voice and video calls to be processed at a much lower price than what our competition provides…. We provide the processing and terminating for the voice calls going over the SIP trunk,” Eric Pratt, CEO of Taqua, told FierceEnterpriseCommunications in interview here in Miami.

“The concept of being able to bring three different companies together in a complementary nature is an outstanding idea…. Now BroadSoft can go to their customers, whether carriers or enterprises, and say, ‘Anytime you have an HD voice or an HD video call being processed, if it goes from BroadSoft to BroadSoft customers, it’s free of charge,'” Pratt explained.

“Bringing these existing customers with increased functionality and a lower price is a great idea,” he said.

Charles Studt, vice president of product management at IntelePeer, explained that once unified communications services leave the enterprise, they break down. “That is a big driver for federation from the enterprise perspective–it’s about extending functionality beyond the enterprise perimeter,” Studt told FierceEnterpriseCommunications in a phone interview last week.

UC providers such as BroadSoft “have the same challenge as the enterprise. They are trying to extend the value of their UC solutions” to multiple locations and customers. “They can also reduce their cost structure by using the IP model rather than leveraging the traditional PSTN connections,” Studt said.

There are competing federation-type services being rolled out by some of the major carriers. The key to this partnership’s success is whether it can translate the benefits it offers BroadSoft customers to a wider audience.

For more:
– see the IntelePeer-Broadsoft data sheet
– check out the BroadWorks website

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