Fluent™ Federation-as-a-Service

Today’s hosted Unified Communications (UC) world is all about being able to offer differentiated services for low incremental investment. The current method of using the legacy PSTN to provide connectivity between platforms does not allow for differentiated services. That is until now. Fluent™ Federation-as-a-Service (FaaS) enables companies to connect globally and take advantage of value-added services such as HD audio and video along with third-party applications such as call recording, hosted IVR and fraud prevention. Fluent Federation makes it easy to connect across networks and use differentiated services leveraging the scale and reach of IntelePeer’s IP-based platform and patented SuperRegistry® Directory.


Fluent Federation enables you to take advantage of services with low startup and operating costs that improve the bottom line, while providing higher value to your users. Fluent Federation can help you:

  • Extend the value of your infrastructure investment
  • Enable pre-integrated third party applications quickly
  • Use more premium services, such as HD audio and video
  • Reduce your cost per user
  • Reduce time to market
  • Quickly scale to handle traffic growth and service spikes
  • Analyze traffic through graphical call performance report

Fluent Federation Service Features

Fluent Federation is based on the IntelePeer all-IP network, which allows seamless, low cost global interconnectivity for multi-modal services such as HD voice and video. Below are some of the included features that can be accessed via the IntelePeer network:

SuperRegistry® – Provides advanced federation management and routing capabilities within the IntelePeer network.

CoreCloud™ Platform – Provides cost-efficient, high quality media transport for voice and video traffic. In addition, the connectivity of the platform allows the Fluent Federation to be extended to mobile devices, and off-federation traffic can be terminated cost effectively.

Standard SIP interface – IntelePeer’s Fluent Federation is accessed via standard SIP trunks, and all members subscribed to the federation can be reached via a single SIP trunk if required. This results in reduced configuration overhead, high QoS and improved manageability.

Customer Portal and APIs – Allows simple configuration, management and monitoring of your federation services. Detailed reports and graphical tools are also available to analyze traffic patterns and network performance.

Get Started Today

The Fluent Federation does not place any additional capex burden on your business, and there are no installation charges. Additional on-site registries, servers or hardware are not required, so you can realize immediate ROI and offer new services to your users from the first day of activation.

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