Contact Centers

Your business needs cost-effective, superior-quality service and products that can help improve the experience for your customers as well as your bottom line. It also requires a solution that provides a flexible and easy migration path with minimal business disruption that doesn’t limit your future business growth. SIP trunking with security is a proven solution that keeps your business on the forefront of communication technologies. It also provides a ready path to leverage the new and growing cloud-based business process outsourcing marketplace. That can be as simple as connecting to a single outside vendor or through an entire Community of Interest Network (CoIN) available through Fluent Federation-as-a-Service. Investing in the right technologies today will give you the competitive edge required as the industry continues to evolve and integrate multiple communication channels for your clients.

Only the services and capacities you want and need. The future of customer interaction and business communication is through VoIP and cloud based technologies, which is vastly different from the inflexible service offerings from traditional telcos. These new technologies also offer the ability to rapidly scale capacities up or down to match dynamic business changes from rapid growth to short-term marketing or political campaigns. IntelePeer can assist you with an assessment of your current technologies and business strategy to make sure you have available options and inherent flexibility without requiring unnecessary overhead today.
Flexible terms with pay-as-you-use terms. No lengthy service contracts or surprise fees required. The days of strained P&L budgets to meet telco contract usage minimums and outdated, fixed terms as your business develops are over. It’s a true SaaS/CaaS model that works for your real-time business needs with immediate cost benefits.
Competitive pricing that can be measured through an analysis of your current technologies and an assessment of how a migration to SIP can match your business strategies. That pricing is matched up with the fast and easy capacity scaling to ensure that your communications costs are in synch with your business demands.
Customer service you haven’t experienced in years! Hands on, top-to-bottom accessibility and account management you actually know…. Defined and responsive points of contact that know you and your business needs. We work to EARN your business every day.

Not sure about some of the terminology and acronyms being used to describe a contact center? Check out our Contact Center Glossary of Terms. To learn more about IntelePeer’s solutions for contact centers, please contact a sales representative:

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