Atmosphere® Cloud-Based Call Center Platform

Atmosphere®, our cloud-based call center platform, helps organizations deliver world-class contact center efficiency and management through industry leading Analytics, Virtual ACD, IVR, Cloud Routing, Predictive Dialing, and Agent Scripting services. Leaders across the Retail, Consumer Goods, Direct Response, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Financial industries benefit from our custom solutions, ease of use, reliability, and secure platform. We guarantee customer success through our specialized support structure and proven expertise in building, implementing and managing your solution.

Key Differentiators:

Powerful Cloud-Based Call Center Platform – Atmosphere’s intelligently designed contact center platform allows for a flexible and seamless user experience. Customers can integrate via APIs, seamlessly transfer calls, automate and direct inbound call flow, and leverage cutting-edge features and reporting functionality.

Personalized Approach – We work with businesses of all sizes to craft a solution that is customized to their individual needs. We guarantee success through our specialized support structure and proven expertise in all elements of deployment—from implementation to after sale support to a fully managed services offering.

Voice Quality and Flexibility – Experience high-definition call quality with zero latency to an IVR agent. Customers can improve scalability and agent productivity with unlimited call paths and their ability to make immediate routing changes.

Comprehensive Reporting – Gain total visibility into the contact center management solution. Real-time metrics for agent productivity, service level and network performance are easily accessed from our innovative dashboards and reporting tools.

Reliability – Built on enterprise infrastructure, Atmosphere’s technical footprint expands across multiple data centers for scalability and business continuity in order to ensure 24/7 availability.

Implementation and Cost Efficiencies – By working with one company for both their network and call center solutions, businesses can get up and running in a fraction of the time and cost.

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