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Catching up with IntelePeer

Network World – We spoke recently with IntelePeer to check in on their progress over the last six months, and they have been quite busy with numerous partnerships and portfolio upgrades. IntelePeer provides cloud-based communications services for enterprises and service providers, using its CloudWorx platform combined with the SuperRegistry database — constituting an intelligent routing solution with a global directory of more than 450 million telephone numbers and end point identifying IP addresses.

Early last fall, the company announced a collaborative effort with 911 Enable to expand its E911 services with Nomadic 911 emergency location information capabilities for Microsoft Lync customers who use IntelePeer’s CoreCloud™ SIP Trunking. The service provided is ideal for organizations housed in corporate campuses or other facilities where Microsoft Lync users often take their devices with them. IntelePeer offers SIP trunking solutions for enterprises adopting Microsoft Lync under the Microsoft Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program (UCOIP).

IntelePeer’s E911 partnership was followed closely by an announcement unveiling IntelePeer’s upgrades to the company’s SIP trunking service, combining the voice quality of high-definition (HD) audio with the protection of four kilobit, public key encryption to secure SIP trunks. The company has integrated Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption to protect signaling and multimedia content. This enhanced security option reduces the need for enterprises to rely on dedicated data access, such as a T-1 circuit or MPLS network for their SIP trunking connections — offering a secure communications route over corporate data connections.

IntelePeer has also teamed with BroadSoft. The two companies agreed on a global peering partnership late last year to create BroadSoft’s Xtended Connect, offering service providers high-definition (HD) voice and video calling beyond their existing network footprint. And last month, the partners disclosed that IntelePeer will provide its Fluent federation-as-a-service (FaaS) as the IP backbone that connects BroadSoft VoIP service providers and enterprise customers without going through the PSTN, improving the HD voice and video quality at lower cost. Taqua provides the infrastructure to enable those HD voice and video calls.

Steve Taylor is president of Distributed Networking Associates and publisher/editor-in-chief of Webtorials. Larry Hettick, an independent analyst and consultant, is a 30-year industry veteran. He has covered VoIP and UC at Network World for 12 years.

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